Rob’s Blog

This is my personal blog about whatever strikes my fancy for the hour. I may post about politics, the weather, technology, writing itself, or whatever! I will keep you updated on the comings and goings of my life in this daily, or whenever blog.

Current Postings

The Creature Comforts

Think home. Think of things that make you figure life is convenient and filled with the lush comfort of modernization. What do you think the number one top device/piece of furniture/tech breakthrough/etc is the best from all of earth’s societies? For me this is the mattress… And mine I have missed for 1.5 months now.…

The Hat

Do you believe things can happen that have not happened? Things that just don’t add up… Go ahead use a calculator. I seem to be a magnet for these strange occurrences. Especially now that I’m homeless. A week ago me and my friend Ken built a shelter in a stand of trees. I slept there…


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