Short Stories

Short Stories are the perfect form to tell a story. They are long enough to allow in-depth description of setting, character, and offer story twists through plot development. In most cases they can be read in fifteen minutes or less so even the most impatient of us can get through one.

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This sad story is about young Aboriginal lovers becoming embroiled in the drug trade.

Condemnation through a Cure

COVID-19 is unleashed upon Earth from an accident in a Wuhan laboratory.

Reciprocity from Wuhan with Love

Trade from the Orient has opened up to North America right at the center of it all and Winnipeg features a big shindig to cap it off.

War Dog

This is my Owl Canyon Press entry that lost… Didn’t even make the long list. It’s about Bradley the Working Military Dog.


Just out of prison, Derek has choices to make. Should he go back to jail… That would be easiest. Should he call the number a fellow inmate had given him… It might mean a job.

Cross the Line

Can you remember your misspent youth? Jarred Bacon has no choice as he turns from drug dealing to police officer.

Murder Incorporated

This is the story of a hit man and the organization he started with his friends. He has preferred methods to use and preferred ways to work, but is not much different then other contract killers in the business.

The Concierge

Ovide Desmarais is a detective who investigates the mob. He is working on a case involving the Ciprielli Family and must meet up with his secret informant to get information on a possible drug smuggling ring they are involved in.

Forget-Me-Not to a Rose

Love has suddenly been on the up and up for a gentleman caller… There has been a pregnancy and the young lovers are wandering Leo Mol garden in Assiniboine Park.

Living With Wolves

This story is about a youthful man who details his life as a Shape Shifter. He can assume the form of a wolf, any species, anytime… Life is wonderful.

The Dish Best Served Cold

When a young man does wrong and must visit the disciplinarian’s office he intends to get even.

Love in an Elevator

What happens when a sheltered man turns to the Internet to draw him out of his shell? He finds love and gets stuck in an elevator. *CAUTION SWEARING*

Only Fools Rush In

In this, the second piece connected to Love in an Elevator, the couple has split up and stuck at a bar together. I destine them to get back together… Should I have?

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